Try Badoo if you are not interested in cat fishing

badoo dating app

badoo dating appThere are many dating apps available online and all the apps look similar and the users are tired of it. Unlike the other boring dating apps, a new app is present in the market. You might not have heard of this dating app, but it is the largest online dating application and it has all the necessary features that are actually used by the masses.

This dating platform is popular in South America, Australia, Japan, Australia and Europe, and has now ventured into the United Kingdom.

Are you looking for a change?

If you are fed up with all the different kinds of dating apps that has nothing much to explore and want a change, you can consider a fresh new app that is quite famous. It’s sad you are not aware of it, but not a problem as you know now. And you are lucky enough to get to know about the app at this time because they have recently updated the app with many cool features. Let’s get to know everything about this mysterious dating app.

The name of the app is Badoo and it is both a social discovery and dating app clubbed into a single unit. As of now, the app has three hundred and forty five million active users of which majority of them are from the United States. The dating app is available in one hundred and ninety countries and in forty seven languages; it is accessible on both the Android and iOs devices.

Working with the dating platform

Give it a try and you will not get off it. Yes download the Badoo dating app and sign in with the app, as said earlier being a social discovery app it allows you to sign in with your Facebook. That’s easy right.

To get familiar with the app, it walks you through a tutorial that will show all the standout features of the app and the main user interface that you will see every time when you open the app. You will find a navigation button on the screen along with 4 buttons that provide access the 4 main features of the app like the globe icon, cards icon, chat bubble icon and the person silhouette icon.

The core features

Discover who’s nearby: This is the global icon that shows the nearby users and if you want to view the person, tapping on their image will display small information about them along with some additional photos, verification details, and user location. The preferences for the location can be selected by clicking on the filter button that appears at the top right corner. Apart from the location, you can also filter according to the age and gender.

Play to match: This feature is similar to that of the Tinder dating app, where you can view the photo of the people in full size and if you are interested in any particular photo simply swipe it to the right. And if you are not interested, you can always swipe left. And if you interested to see more photos of any particular person, you swipe from the bottom and tap on the photo to see it in full size.

Message center: This is the chat bubble icon where you can see all the connections. Be it your friend or any match, you can chat with them through the dating app. By scrolling the list of connections you can find the connection with who you can send a message. The app has a button that shows All Connections and taping on that button will show a list of options like chats, likes, favorites, visits.

Profile: This is the option that allows you to adjust the settings and account information and by linking any other profile from the social media platform like Instagram or Facebook, the users can get verified and the users can get more credits. The user can add the photos from their Instagram or Facebook account or from their gallery and add the basic information to their profile.

Unlock the special features

This is a free download dating app that is available in both the Google Play Store and in App Store. However, to experience the complete functionalities of the app the user has to pay a certain amount as subscription charges.

The trial pack

The dating app offers the users with a trial pack that can be used for a week. The app gives Super Power to the user so that they can view all the profiles they like, unlock the favorite folders, go incognito, chat with some of the popular users and Change the vote. The users can get to the top of the list and become popular in the Message center by chatting with all the new users and socializing well in the dating platform.

Super powers

The premium function of the app is called the Super Power and it allows the users to view the people who have clicked the account as favorite. Apart from the trial pack, the dating app offers one month and six month option.

The users can get a lifetime Super power for $59.99 and it is a onetime payment subscription option or they can pay $24.99 and avail three month subscription. The users can pay for the subscription plan either through the Google Play, credit card or through PayPal.

Load some credits

You can increase your popularity in the dating app by linking other users from the social platform; well you can also pay to shoot your popularity. But you need credits.

The cost of the credits differs based on the number of credits. You can get one hundred credits by paying $1.50 and get two thousand seven hundred and fifty credits for $19.99. You can also use this credits to visit more, show the online status and also shows when others swipe.

Not the regular app

Badoo online dating app is not a generic dating app that has common features and interface. It is an entirely new dating app that is popular and credible than any other app available on the online platform. This app does not work like a normal dating app, but you can even find a friend through this app. It focuses on bonding with others rather than simply hook up with few. Unlike the other dating app, this app works operates in different languages making it more personal to communicate with people in the platform. The users can find their matches using certain preferences and filter them based on the gender, location and age.

As it is a social discovery application, you can verify a person’s profile via the mobile phone call, Facebook account or using the photo verification and it is not like other apps where you cat fish the profiles. This online dating app also has five thousand moderators across the world who verifies whether the person accessing the account is the actual subscribed user. There are many single men and women out there have joined this platform to find a potential pair, so you can also soon join this dating platform and feel the difference. You can first get the seven day trial plan and see the way the app works and then continue to access the app.

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